Debut trailer of Rockstar Games’ Bully
August 11th

Rockstar Games' Bully

Taking time off from closing development studios, (reportadly) bleeding talent from their various studios and throwing wild hipster parties in New York lofts, Rockstar Games have released the debut trailer for their upcoming school days meets GTA meets negative press magnet, Bully. The trailer plays more like an animated after-school special, but the quality of the voice acting and art are refreshing as always. Even though half the gaming world hasn’t seen a lick of gameplay from the title, the ‘normals’ are already all up in arms, naturally being lead by our lord and saviour Jack Thompson, with calls for banning the game from stores in order to keep kids from playing a game which is probably tamer than their everyday school lives to begin with (dear parents, most kids in school today are horrible people, go browse YouTube and MySpace for a little while for more information). So, uhmm, yeah whatever, when’s the next GTA coming out again?

Watch the video premiere of Bully after the jump..

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