Free foreign language courses from the Foreign Service Institute
August 21st

Learn a new language

The Foreign Service Institute is the US Government’s primary training institution for officers and support personal of the US Foreign affairs community. Through the use of language programs and studies, the FSI prepares future diplomats and other professionals who are advancing US foreign interests overseas and around Washington, via communication and whatever else those people do. These foreign language courses are published using federal money, which basically means they are public domain, and thus, available to any citizen who’s interested in learning a new language. So enter FSI Language, a community-driven site, collecting, scanning and distributing the Foreign Service language program documentation and audio-tapes to anyone interested in learning Cantonese, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese, among many other languages, all on the government’s dime (well, your dime really).

Read more: Foreign Language Courses (many thanks to Stiv for the updated link!)

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