Video about Lake Peigneur disappearing after drilling disaster
August 5th

Lake Peigneur

Prior to 1980, Lake Peigneur in Louisiana was a sleepy 11 feet shallow fresh-water lake, that was until oil conglomerate Texaco made a major drilling error while exploring the lake for oil deposits. Below the lake happened to be a giant salt mine, which, unbeknownst to the miners, was about to be punctured by the oil drilling platform above. Although not proven, evidence points to a miscalculation by the Texaco drilling team, which resulted in the drilling of a small hole through the salt mine ceiling, causing a violent chain reaction as the fresh water lake began rapidly draining into the mine, which soaked up the water almost as fast as it drained in. On the surface of the lake, a violent whirlpool formed which caused several barges, many trees and large portions of the surrounding terrain to be sucked into the mine. The mine was actually so large that it sucked the lake water in completely, which actually caused the flow reversal of the Delcambre canal, which drained to the Gulf of Mexico. The lake began refilling with salt-water, temporarily creating the largest waterfall in Louisiana (at 100-150 feet) and drastically changing the lake’s biology by introducing new species of plants and salt-water marine life to fill the now 1,300 feet deep salt-water lake.

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