Create your own personal mobile phone jammer (at your own risk)
December 31st

RF Jammer

So you want to piss off your friends or shut up the loud yapper next to you on the subway? Well, get your Radio Shack catalog out of the bathroom and your soldering iron warmed up and ready to go. The wonderfully hacky Ladyada has put together a detailed process for creating the Wave Bubble and published it under a Creative Commons license. What is the Wave Bubble you ask? It’s a self-tuning, wide bandwidth portable RF jammer (cell, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc) that fits snugly in your pocket (though I’d recommend you not keep it in there too long). Using an internal lithium-ion battery, you can jam dual band frequencies (like mobile phones) for up to 2 hours within a 20 foot radius, then recharge via a mini-USB connector. If you’re actually skilled enough to take on such a highly technical project, you should still be aware that this technically is against FCC regulations (therefor don’t even think of selling pre-made jammers). Did I mention that you shouldn’t even think of building this?

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