Apple iPhone clone finally surfaces in China
March 22nd


Finally! A Chinese manufacturer who appears to take a lot of influence from Apple’s industrial design team, has released a little tidbit of information on their miniOne mobile device, which is without a doubt a lovely little iPhone clone in the making. With a screen slightly smaller than an iPhone (by .2 inches), the miniOne features touch-screen technology running Windows CE 6.0 and supports GSM and TD-SCMA If they can offer this baby at a significantly lower price-point than an iPhone and actually include phone capabilities in Europe, I could see myself making a go for it, considering the iPhone will take too long to get to Europe and also cost slightly more than a PS3 (but will be so much better than a PS3). The miniOne from Meizu will launch in China at the end of 2007 and the company is stating that US and EU launches will follow, but only in the form of a media player. :(


Read more: iPhone and miniOne compared (Via: Meizu discusses miniOne at CeBIT)

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