Prediction: The U.S. Collapse of 2010; States to be Divided Up Between Russia, Canada, Mexico and China
September 2nd

A Russian professor says the United States of America will disintegrate within the next year due to a fiscal meltdown. For ex KGB and Russian national security advisor, Igor Panarin, this claim is nothing new as he first made it in 1998 when the US economy was doing well. But now, due to the world economic crisis and the possibility of Japan transferring their monetary reserves from US dollars into another currency, his prediction has garnered new attention (surprisingly enough, even from the Wall Street Journal).

Panarin says that the US is in such great debt, that it will, by 2010, no longer be able to remain sovereign. His map indicates which parts of the US will be absorbed into which countries. Thank goodness the Midwest becomes Canadian! Now we won’t have to drive over the border to get our prescriptions filled!

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