Turn your iPhone into a number pad for your Mac

Awesome! I’ve always had a warm spot in my heart for the number pad, something I’ve had to give up since working on iBook, Power Books and MacBooks for so long. But thanks to Balmuda Software’s brilliant NumberKey app I’ve turned my iPhone into an external number pad on my desk.

Available on the iTunes store, NumberKey creates a wifi connection to your mac via the NumberKey Connect app, which detects your iPhone running and converts it into a number pad. After first-time setup, you don’t even need the wifi network anymore!

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My mind, officially blown


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Apple and others being sued by company for not using its software

Pirates! All of ye!

Hmm, this is out there. MRT, a California-based development company and creators of the X1 SeCure Recording Control technology, have launched a series of far-reaching lawsuits targeting major media corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, RealNetworks and Adobe. The lawsuit stats basically that these companies are liable for copyright piracy and violating the DMCA by avoiding the usage of their copy-protection technology in their many and various products. Uh huh.

“We’ve given these four companies 10 days to talk to us and work out a solution, or we will go into federal court and file action and seek an injunction to remove the infringing products from the marketplace,” CEO Hank Risan said in a phone interview Friday. According to the MRT, the companies in question are responsible for 98 percent of the market’s media players, which are in turn used by CNN, National Public Radio, Clear Channel, MySpace, Yahoo, YouTube and others.

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Apple iPhone clone finally surfaces in China


Finally! A Chinese manufacturer who appears to take a lot of influence from Apple’s industrial design team, has released a little tidbit of information on their miniOne mobile device, which is without a doubt a lovely little iPhone clone in the making. With a screen slightly smaller than an iPhone (by .2 inches), the miniOne features touch-screen technology running Windows CE 6.0 and supports GSM and TD-SCMA If they can offer this baby at a significantly lower price-point than an iPhone and actually include phone capabilities in Europe, I could see myself making a go for it, considering the iPhone will take too long to get to Europe and also cost slightly more than a PS3 (but will be so much better than a PS3). The miniOne from Meizu will launch in China at the end of 2007 and the company is stating that US and EU launches will follow, but only in the form of a media player. :(


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Desktop widgets, web widgets and wikis oh my!

Dashboard widgets!

The desktops are alive with the sound of widgets and now more than ever thanks to Wigipedia, a wiki community collecting everything there is to know about desktop and web widgets for Windows, OS X and Linux computers. Wigipedia is attempting to catalog the development of all widgets and gadgets, across all platforms, allowing developers to upload their creations in order to collaborate with other developers and offer their small apps directly to end users. There’s also a comprehensive section with tutorials and code samples so you can learn to create your own desktop widget!

Widget more: Widgipedia.com

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Apple iPhone everything the Zune could have and should have been

Apple iPhone

Admittedly I’m no expert in the mobile industry, but I have to say, I’m feeling the iPhone. Beautifully designed, packed with features, it’s *almost* everything I’ve wanted in a mobile device (I say this as I cancel my order for the Nokia E61/E62). I’m a little bit disappointed with the lack of AGPS/GPS and/or UMTS and I’d have preferred a $399/$499 price point, but I quickly get over that disappointment the minute I take a look at OS X running on that beautiful wide screen. Apple has really done it again and if the execs over at RIM, Palm, Microsoft and every smart phone manufacturer aren’t muttering a few “uh-ohs” under their breathe, they’re living on another planet.

Now I ask the question, was Microsoft mistaken to not converge the Zune with a mobile phone? I’d think yes. The age of carrying a personal media player and a mobile phone are over, the age of hand-held mobile computer is coming and it seems Apple is ushering this in and Microsoft is left missing the boat (does the UMPC still exist?). To all the new Zune owners, I almost joined you, but a month later, I’m thanking myself for not taking that leap. Seems my near-death iPod Mini will have to last until June.

See the beauty that is iPhone after the jump…

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More crucial OS X freeware applications

Vienna - Freeware RSS feed reader

Converting to a Mac was one of the best computing choices I’ve ever made, the beauty and simplicity of the OS X operating system is astonishing and always a pleasure to work with, making me cringe when I even have to think of turning my PC on to play Eve Online. Freeware on the Mac is a thing of beauty, with large amounts of freeware applications spread throughout the internet enhancing user experience and productivity in more ways than one can count. Today we’re going to list more of our favorite OS X freeware, applications we find crucial to our daily use and crucial in our obsessive need to be on the cutting edge.

Shrook – RSS feed reader
Vienna – RSS feed feader
Both are solid and free RSS readers with features on both sides which give them an edge. Vienna features a nice mini-browser, smart folders and flagged articles. Shrook however wins me over. It’s a bit more lightweight, going for simplicity, which is always admirable for application design. One of Shrooks major features is it’s sync abilities, allowing users to signup to Shrook.com (for a small fee) and then use Shrook over multiple Macs without having to carry your RSS feeds anywhere, open Shrook, log-in and bam, your RSS feeds are there waiting for you.

Deer Park web browser (Optimized Firefox for G4, G5, and Intel Macs)
The official Firefox for Mac drives me insane. I want so badly to use it, but, the performance is so sluggish and unusable that it almost makes me miss IE 5.0. Thankfully there are Mac OS X hackers who’ve had enough and have begun distributing Firefox updates in a Mac-friendly form, under the name Deer Park. Deer Park isn’t a perfect solution but it’s a step in the right direction that’s for sure, taking the usual Firefox updates and puting a little more effort into optimizing them to run more smoothly on G4, G5 and Intel Macs, without the Firefox branding of course as it’s not an official Mozilla product. Switching to Deer Park is easy, you won’t lose any of your bookmarks or other user settings and I haven’t found an extension yet that hasn’t worked with the Park.

Dashalytics – Google Analytics Dashboard widget
A highly recommended Dashboard widget for any obsessive compulsive blog owners who leave a Google Analytics tab open at all time. Dashalytics is a handy little freeware widget which gives you a quick and clean overview of your site’s day, week, monthly and yearly page visits and page views, supporting multiple sites as long as you have them setup with Google’s Analytics service.

Letterbox – Widescreen plugin for Mail.app
Widescreen is the future of computing (and gaming!), you can take that to the bank. As more and more users switch to widescreen resolutions, the need for widescreen support in many applications will be a must. For instance, Mail.app, OS X’s ultra-powerful email application included with every version of Apple’s operating system. It’s not so friendly for a widescreen resolution, especially for those of us with multiple email accounts and thousands upon thousands of emails. But there’s hope in the form of a simple little Mail.app plugin named Letterbox. By rearranging the Mail.app interface into 3 vertical columns, Letterbox instantly transforms Mail into a widescreen users email heaven, allowing the user more vertical space for mailboxes as well as a large preview pane.

QuickName – File utility for renaming large amounts of files
QuickName is a program that I need only a few times a year, but still an important little tool to have. QuickName is as straight-forward as it gets, a small utility that allows you to quickly change the naming conventions of large amounts of files. For instance, you have 275 images in your blog that you were given the suffix .JPG, but you want them to be .jpg. Launch good old QuickName and let her rip, renaming said files in a matter of seconds.

Ventrilo – Group VOIP for OS X
TeamSpeex – TeamSpeak for OS X
VOIP is a godsend for gamers and businesses alike. Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are the standards for group-chat functions in the gaming world, with clans from Counter Strike to World of Warcraft to Eve Online using the applications to communicate during group activities in-game (and out). It took awhile, but there are finally stable OS X builds for both applications, bringing Mac gamers (or those of us who use their Mac for Ventrilo while playing on their PC) into the world of group VOIP communication.

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Shiira 2.01b available for the normal people

Shiira 2 beta

For the Mac users who are still concious after seeing the new Mac Pro announced yesterday, I bring you the new contender in the OS browser-wars. Shiira, the Japanese browser that can, has finally made their re-designed version 2 release a downloadable beta for public consumption. After a few days usage I’m quite quite pleased. The pagedock is very cool and puts a whole new spin on tabbed browsing (page browsing now?), the performance is pretty much up there with Safari and the feature-set is quite comparable to Safari, with a few nice additions. I have to admit, if it weren’t for the web development plugins, I wouldn’t be using super-mega memory hog Deer Park (or Firefox) on my Macs at all, considering how horribly they perform (yes yes, I’ve used Camino as well). Remember this is still a beta release, so expect some instability and some sub-menus still in Japanese, but, don’t let that put you off.

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