Surprising expiration dates


Gotta make some dressing and all you’ve got in that fridge of yours is a jar of unopened Mayonnaise from the late 90s, that’s ok, you can still use it!* I know this thanks to Real Simple’s handy guide of expiration dates, taking data from experts and manufacturers, those daring folk have compiled a list of expiration dates that may shock you in more ways than one. For instance, a soft drink in a plastic bottle is best if consumed 3 months from it’s “best by” date, but once opened, it doesn’t really spoil, just tastes like crap.

(* at your own risk)

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The BBC lists 100 things we know now that we didn’t know last year


As I said news services LOVE this type of stuff towards the end of the year. What the hell, we love them too. PELE hates his nickname, 200 million dead blogs (dlogs?), people actually suffer from Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobiacs (the fear of the term 666)!? What is the world coming to, I tell ya.

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Tampa Tribune lists 50 things we know now that we didn’t know last year


As is common at the end of every year, newspapers are starting their yearly lists of stuff. From the top 50 things we know now to the 10 under reported stories of the year, lists are always handy to fill up space and draw in readers. Today, the Tampa Tribune listed the top 50 things we know now that we didn’t this time last year and man it’s fun. I for one am glad to know that life expectancy in the U.S. is now up to 77.9 years old and that scientists at the University of Manchester have managed to induce teeth growth in normal chickens by activating a gene that has lain dormant for 80 million years. It’s only a matter of time before we have a new feathered predator on our hands here folks.

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Listing of architectural tricks stores use to make you spend more


While many see shopping as a normal, everyday activity, there are many who understand that sometimes it’s a bit more sinister than that. Many stores today utilize various psychological tricks in order to coerce the potential buyer into parting with their hard-earned cash, often times in exchange for something they weren’t really interested in purchasing in the first place. Known as Architectural Psychology, companies are spending millions in order to design their stores utilizing tricks to make you spend more money. Thankfully, a group of consumer-advocates have put together a small A-Z list of architectural tricks that stores use, so you, the consumer can learn a little more about the ways your favorite electronics or grocery store may be trying to manipulate you.

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More crucial OS X freeware applications

Vienna - Freeware RSS feed reader

Converting to a Mac was one of the best computing choices I’ve ever made, the beauty and simplicity of the OS X operating system is astonishing and always a pleasure to work with, making me cringe when I even have to think of turning my PC on to play Eve Online. Freeware on the Mac is a thing of beauty, with large amounts of freeware applications spread throughout the internet enhancing user experience and productivity in more ways than one can count. Today we’re going to list more of our favorite OS X freeware, applications we find crucial to our daily use and crucial in our obsessive need to be on the cutting edge.

Shrook – RSS feed reader
Vienna – RSS feed feader
Both are solid and free RSS readers with features on both sides which give them an edge. Vienna features a nice mini-browser, smart folders and flagged articles. Shrook however wins me over. It’s a bit more lightweight, going for simplicity, which is always admirable for application design. One of Shrooks major features is it’s sync abilities, allowing users to signup to (for a small fee) and then use Shrook over multiple Macs without having to carry your RSS feeds anywhere, open Shrook, log-in and bam, your RSS feeds are there waiting for you.

Deer Park web browser (Optimized Firefox for G4, G5, and Intel Macs)
The official Firefox for Mac drives me insane. I want so badly to use it, but, the performance is so sluggish and unusable that it almost makes me miss IE 5.0. Thankfully there are Mac OS X hackers who’ve had enough and have begun distributing Firefox updates in a Mac-friendly form, under the name Deer Park. Deer Park isn’t a perfect solution but it’s a step in the right direction that’s for sure, taking the usual Firefox updates and puting a little more effort into optimizing them to run more smoothly on G4, G5 and Intel Macs, without the Firefox branding of course as it’s not an official Mozilla product. Switching to Deer Park is easy, you won’t lose any of your bookmarks or other user settings and I haven’t found an extension yet that hasn’t worked with the Park.

Dashalytics – Google Analytics Dashboard widget
A highly recommended Dashboard widget for any obsessive compulsive blog owners who leave a Google Analytics tab open at all time. Dashalytics is a handy little freeware widget which gives you a quick and clean overview of your site’s day, week, monthly and yearly page visits and page views, supporting multiple sites as long as you have them setup with Google’s Analytics service.

Letterbox – Widescreen plugin for
Widescreen is the future of computing (and gaming!), you can take that to the bank. As more and more users switch to widescreen resolutions, the need for widescreen support in many applications will be a must. For instance,, OS X’s ultra-powerful email application included with every version of Apple’s operating system. It’s not so friendly for a widescreen resolution, especially for those of us with multiple email accounts and thousands upon thousands of emails. But there’s hope in the form of a simple little plugin named Letterbox. By rearranging the interface into 3 vertical columns, Letterbox instantly transforms Mail into a widescreen users email heaven, allowing the user more vertical space for mailboxes as well as a large preview pane.

QuickName – File utility for renaming large amounts of files
QuickName is a program that I need only a few times a year, but still an important little tool to have. QuickName is as straight-forward as it gets, a small utility that allows you to quickly change the naming conventions of large amounts of files. For instance, you have 275 images in your blog that you were given the suffix .JPG, but you want them to be .jpg. Launch good old QuickName and let her rip, renaming said files in a matter of seconds.

Ventrilo – Group VOIP for OS X
TeamSpeex – TeamSpeak for OS X
VOIP is a godsend for gamers and businesses alike. Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are the standards for group-chat functions in the gaming world, with clans from Counter Strike to World of Warcraft to Eve Online using the applications to communicate during group activities in-game (and out). It took awhile, but there are finally stable OS X builds for both applications, bringing Mac gamers (or those of us who use their Mac for Ventrilo while playing on their PC) into the world of group VOIP communication.

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Wikipedia 100 most popular articles


An interesting tool launched a few days ago via the German Wikimedia Toolserver which tracks the 100 most popular Wikipedia pages by visit count, charting them on a monthly basis. The Wikicharts tool allows a user to filter Wikipedia’s access statistics per month, giving us quite a bit of insight into Wikipedia usage patterns. Wikipedia’s top 10 pages accessed in August were:

1. Main Page
2. Wikipedia
3. United States
4. JonBenét Ramsey
5. List of big-bust models and performers
6. Irukandji jellyfish
7. Hurricane Katrina
8. Pluto
9. Wiki
10. Jeff Hardy

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List of worst video games ever made at Wikipedia

Worst games!

Wikiepedia needs no introduction, so I’ll skip all that mess and get down to the dirt. Over at Wikipedia, there is an ever disputed page of worst video games ever, featuring the bad and the ugly of our favorite past-time here at Nerds-central. A bit light on culprits, I think there have to be more horrible games than just those listed. What do you think were the worst video games ever made and why? If you can answer those two questions, you can add those up to the list of worst video games ever made.

For example:

KISS Pinball (2001, PlayStation, PC) is a pinball game based on the rock band KISS. Many reviewers claimed that it wasn’t even worth its $10 budget price. Most notably, it contains none of KISS’s music. Electronic Gaming Monthly put the game (which received a 1.0 / 10 in Issue 144) at #6 in its “Top 10 Worst Reviewed Games” countdown and wrote in their review, “…we want our $10 back.” GameSpot, which gave the game a 1.3 / 10 (abysmal), said that “KISS fans will be disappointed by the distinct lack of KISS, and pinball fans will be disappointed by the distinct lack of pinball.”

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List of my favorite Google advanced search operators

Google Search nerds!

Not that you needed to be reminded of this, but Google is definitely the powerhouse search engine of the interweb. Google clogs my tubes with email, search results, newsfeeds and even desktop searches on a daily basis, so it only makes sense to try and harness the true power of the Google monster and make it work more efficiently for me. So I’ve put together a short list with a few of my favorite advanced Google search operators that help make my research using Google that much more efficient and less time-consuming..

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The 6 WordPress plugins that make my life a little easier

Wordpress plugins list

WordPress is a very powerful system, almost too powerful for the free pricetag it comes with (free as in beer). We’re more than happy with WordPress though, unfortunately we find quite a few things about the system lacking in various ways. No internal stats system, no ‘advanced’ control over category visibility, the pinging control is dismal (sometimes you have to edit a post several times, this shouldn’t ping the services every time), and the list goes on. Here are some of the plugins we’re using with WordPress here on Bunch of Nerds that make our lives a little bit easier…

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The greatest game show hosts of all time

Game shows!

Those fashionable cats over at retroCRUSH have compiled a list of the top 30 greatest game show hosts of all time. When I was a kid I was addicted to these things, Press Your Luck, The Price is Right, I would go nuts thinking of visiting the sets and being in the crowd during a taping. Pretty much all of game show history is represented here, from The Price is Right to Press Your Luck, to Win Ben Stein’s Money. What I would do for a whammy plush doll….

[The greatest game show hosts of all time | The Press Your Luck scandal]

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