Free lectures from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


Covering everything from the quest for supersymmetry to pondering time and motion, the brainiacs at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics are gladly offering audio recordings of recent lectures for free via their website. Their free audio section features over 20 heady lectures available in MP3, Flash and Windows Media formats for you to stick straight on your iPod (or Zune) and ponder while working your way to healthy at the gym.

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Saint B MP3 player, holy tunes man

Saint B MP3 player

Want a flash-based MP3 player that not only let’s you jam your christian rock, but also show the world what religion you identify with? Then the Saint B MP3 player will be perfect for you. Only a prototype for now, this is most certainly a product I see being mass produced and selling quite well. A flash-memory based MP3 player in a chrome-plated steel frame, shaped like a cross, the Saint B also features an OLED display covered by a semi-transparent piece of plastic. Charging and login are done via USB and the overall size is 92x64x11mm. Star of David coming soon?

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The new iRiver S10 is beautiful and can be worn around your neck

iRiver S10

iRiver, one of the few digital media players to support the open-source OGG format, have introduced their newest OLED player, the S10. A beautiful and tiny personal media player with a 1.5″ OLED display that supports an astounding array of media types, such as MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG and also has a built-in FM tuner. Take that iPod! The unit weighs only 17.5g and is light enough to be worn as a necklace, making it one of the ultimate fashion statements for the on the go nerd.

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Future not looking bright for Freedb

Freedb - Open CD and music lookup service

After 6 years of providing a high-quality (somewhat-open) alternative to CDDB’s CD information lookup services, the future of Freedb is not looking so bright. Over the weekend, one of the main contributors to Freedb, Joerg has announced his departure from the project, over what seems to be riffs between the founder of the service and the remote development team involved with creating the next generation version of Freedb.

Directly from Joerg at Freedb:

Today, after six long years, it is time for me to say goodbye to freedb. I started off creating database archives for download and finding ftp mirrors to host it in 2000 and ended up being responsible for basically every aspect of freedb. I feel like freedb is a part of my identity and it is ripping me apart, having to leave it now.

For almost two years now Ari and I have supported a developer from Australia, who was working on the next generation of the freedb server, which would have overcome most of our current technological problems and offered text searching. This was the biggest chance for freedb in years. Unfortunately there have been rising tensions in our team about the question, how long we should support a development project, which has not yet been made open source by the developer and which is not yet running on freedb servers. Last weekend the line was crossed by the founder of freedb, who owns the domain, when he took action against that developer without talking to the rest of the team first, while we were still trying to find a solution in everyone’s interest.

With every chance gone for the developed software to become part of freedb and with the necessary basic level of trust between the owner of the domain and me being destroyed, I see no more point in investing my spare time in this. I am not sure what me leaving will really mean for freedb, but considering my experiences from the past six years, I expect the future is not looking too bright. It is devastating for me to see that this issue could accomplish in a matter of weeks what Gracenote couldn’t do for 7 long years since freedb was started.

[Freedb shutting down]

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Classic ice cream truck jingles in MP3 format

Ice cream truck music in MP3 format

Liz over at the amazingly cool WFMU radio in New York has posted an article full of spooky (at least we think so) classic ice cream truck jingles in downloadable MP3 format. You know, those songs you’d love to hear coming down your street while simultaneously panicking at the thought that your dad couldn’t get a dollar out of his wallet fast enough for you to run out and buy that bomb-pop? Unfortunately listening to them today, they just make me think of that scary clown monster from Stephen King’s IT mini-series (Tim Curry in clown makeup!), but, maybe some of you will be able to re-live some fond memories of hot summer days with a sticky melting ice-cream in your paws.

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