Man Avoids Missing Flight, Calls in Bomb Threat to Airport
August 26th

A Delhi man, stuck in traffic and scared he was going to miss his flight, realized that in order to delay the plane long enough for him to reach the airport, he would have to call in a bomb threat. Apparently he didn’t realize that such calls from cell phones are easily traceable, or that those persons in close proximity (ie his taxi driver) can overhear what’s being said.


Huckabee in Israel, Carville in Afghanistan, Obama Targeted as “Anti-Semitic Jew-Hater”
August 25th

Crazy comes in many forms. First, James Carville was invited to advise Ghani’s presidential campaign in Afghanistan. Now Huckabee’s been invited to promote Israeli expansion into Palestinian territory by a group of far-right religious settlers. I’m just wondering: are these two guys culturally/ideologically sensible per the ins and outs of these regions?

Huckabee has stated that he supports Israeli expansion and settlement building in the West Bank. He is also opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state. Huckabee actually cares?! Or does he believe such a move will appeal to American Jewish sentiment with something up his sleeve for 2012? In any case, Huckabee is the honored guest of the Ateret Cohanim, a right-wing religious group planning twenty apartment projects in East Jerusalem. Obama has vented his disapproval of Israeli expansion, causing the far-right to protest with banners reading, “Barak Hussein Obama: Anti-Semitic, Jew-Hater.” So yes, crazy does, indeed, come in many forms.

Iron Curtain Begins to Fall 20 Years Ago This Month, Now a Giant Bike Path
August 23rd

20 years ago this month, the iron curtain began to come down. Everyone has probably seen the images of Germans hammering holes in the Berlin Wall in November 1989, but the events that eventually brought east and west back together began in August on the Austrian/Hungarian border.

Now the border that divided east and west – twisting from northern thru southern Europe – has become a bike path! The Iron Curtain Trail is a 4,225-mile network of bicycle paths that extends along the former Warsaw Pact-NATO border, from northern Finland to the Black Sea.

Check out this travel report over at NY

National Debt to Exceed 12 Trillion by Year End
August 17th

Never before has the U.S. national debt grown at such a pace. It grew by one trillion in 2008. Estimates put 2009 growth at three trillion. That’s comparable to the growth of public debt accrued throughout the entire first half of this decade – in one year! One quarter of our ENTIRE U.S. national debt will be accumulated just in 2009; ie. It took about 99 years to reach the nine trillion mark. And one year on top of that to reach (and exceed) the 12 trillion mark.

The documentary I.O.U.S.A. details the national debt and what it means for average Americans.

The Family Guy Episode That Will Never Be Aired, Abortion Episode Read Live By Cast
August 16th

Though banned by the FOX network, that didn’t keep the cast of The Family Guy from reading the script of the abortion episode to a live audience.

And here’s an interview with Seth McFarlane about the episode


Awkward Family Photos – Punks in Space
August 15th

Found this over at WFMU and it has to be one of the best family portraits I’ve seen. I can’t stop laughing! Even comes with a GBH t-shirt! Classic!!! And the amusement continues over at Awkward Family Photos dot com.

The Final Frontier Offers New Secrets, Cassini Images, Planet Orbiting Backwards and Earth Threatening Asteroids
August 15th

You may remember that an object plunged into Jupiter. The blemish it left behind has, within three weeks, grown to the size of the Earth!

This past week, astronomers have discovered a new moonlet in Saturn’s orbit. The small moon is about a quarter of a mile in diameter and first photographed from the Cassini. 1000 light-years away, astonomers also found the first occurance of a planet orbiting backwards – ie. in the direction opposite to its star’s rotation – possibly due to a near-collision between star and planet. And by 2020 NASA says it should be able to detect 90 percent of potential collisions and hazards nearing earth’s orbit. These potential hazards are defined as those objects larger than 3 football fields.

Via JPL’s Asteroid Watch

FOX’s Glenn Beck Confused About State-Run Health Care
August 14th

Anyone who’s seen FOX’s Glenn Beck knows that he is often confused, but even this rant over health care threw us for a loop. We Americans living in Europe (under mandatory state-run health care) find statements like, “America already has the best health care in the world…” pretty amusing (especially those of us who weren’t insured in the States because we couldn’t afford it).

But wasn’t there a time when Glenn himself detested the U.S. health care system?

It’s 12:34:56 7/8/9
August 7th

It’s better than New Years, happens once a century and doesn’t mandate giving gifts!

Real Water-Powered Jet Pak Unveiled
August 5th

German company Jetlev has just announced the release of their water-powered jet pak. $130,000. seems a little steep for a device that is limited to flying over water only. The pak is connected to a 10 yard hose, which is connected to a small, flat float contraption used to power the pak. Not quite what I (or Boba Fett) would have imagined, but fun nonetheless.

Via Jetlev

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